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Slush GIA & Shortcut School of Startups Makes History in Nigeria at Heartland Incubation Hub

Slush GIA & Shortcut School of Startups Makes History in Nigeria at Heartland Incubation Hub
September 6, 2018 admin
Shortcut School of Startups in Nigeria

History was made at Heartland Incubation Hub as Slush Global Impact Accelerator, The Shortcut School of Startups had their first session outside of Finland to support impact entrepreneurs globally. The project was officially being launched in Nigeria at Heartland Hub Owerri.

The Shortcut is a community-driven organisation that promotes diversity as an engine for growth and encourage more people from diverse backgrounds to consider creating or working for a startup to best utilise their skills and aspirations through gatherings, workshops, trainings and programmes that help them explore ideas, share knowledge and develop skills to enable new talents required in the startup life.

The 2-day Workshop which was held on August 29 and 30, 2018 was a build-up to the final pitch Event on August 31st. Similar workshops will hold in other countries 

Heartland Hub has partnered with Slush GIA 2018 to run the local Bootcamp from August 6- 31, 2018 as part of its program. The Hub had the honour to host Nina Martin and Tomi Kaukinen for 3 days and they also stayed back to be part of the Final Pitch Event.

Nina Martin came all the way from Berlin, Germany and her experience comes from leading, documenting and consulting on projects empowering marginal groups of society in Finland, Lebanon, Germany, Mexico and South Africa among others. As the Co-Founder of ShareOnBazaar and as a social entrepreneur, Nina has been awarded the European Youth Award, German Integration Prize as well as various fellowships including Ashoka ChangemakerXchange, PEP Wirkungsschmiede, Desmeem, enpact, Social Impact Lab and various European Cultural Foundation grants.

Tomi Kaukinen from Helsinki, Finland is an ex-investment specialist turned serial entrepreneur. He knows best of both worlds and coaches the next generation of entrepreneurs on all the ins and outs of start-up investments. He has founded GTFO Ventures, Sportacam, Camment, and has scaled his businesses globally. He does public speaking and mentoring, workshops to help start-ups for instance on go-to-market strategies, fundraising and business development.

The workshops which were designed for the shortlisted startups was also opened to impact entrepreneurs in the ecosystem to learn, connect and build their capacity. 4 sessions were delivered in total and 3+ hours of office session with the startup for the 2 days of the workshop.

The Session was engaging and interacting for the startups and topics covered includes

  • Storytelling for Impact
  • Service design modelling
  • Impact modelling,
  • Social Business Model Canvass which was covered by Nina

Tomi’s session was on the Startup Journey such as

  • How to start
  • Building a team
  • Launching a product
  • Bootstrapping
  • Go-to-market

and Investments & Financing which involves

  • The European financing scene
  • Timing
  • Contracts (Share Holder agreement etc)
  • Financial instruments
  • Valuation

Some of the take away from the sessions include:

  • Knowing your Audience is Key when it comes to storytelling for impact
  • Whose story are you sharing
  • Know the actions you want to Trigger
  • Ideas can be good but don’t let your execution be horrible
  • Don’t be a Product owner that get defensive instead of listening
  • If someone does not understand your product, it’s your fault.
  • Do one simple thing at a time.
  • In the beginning its about who you are than what you know
  • Cultural fit is important for the first hires
  • Free marketing is very valuable
  • Suckers pay for Marketing
  • Consistency is the key when it comes to marketing
  • Investors love repeat customers
  • It’s important for startups to really have a good lawyer
  • It’s important to hire the people who know it the best

NIna Martin with Recycle Pro teamTomi with Team VIDA ICT

Some standard clauses in the Shareholder’s agreement (SHA)such as “Tag along ride along” was discussed and “drag along” as well. Tag along gives you the right to sell while the drag along is an obligation when a new investor wants to buy more than 50% of the company.

There was an opportunity for the startups to ask questions to gain clarity in some of the topics discussed.

The 2day session was intense and exciting for the startups, and the Team at Heartland Hub – Oluaka Institute had a great time hosting Nina and Tomi.

We want to use this medium to say a big Thank you to Slush Global Impact Accelerator, Aino Piirtola Head of Slush GIA and Shortcut School of Startup for making this a Success!


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