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Up to $10,000 USD AWS credit for HIH Launchpad Startups

Up to $10,000 USD AWS credit for HIH Launchpad Startups
March 20, 2019 admin

HIH Launchpad is a program of Heartland Hub Incubation Hub providing Idea stage entrepreneurs with resources, network, mentorship and the environment to launch startup Ideas.

The Program was launched last year with 10 entrepreneurs.

This year we launched a 3-month support program for the finalist of Hultz prize competition from Federal University of Technology Owerri and Imo State University who will compete at the regionals in Abuja and Ghana.

Each year, the Hult Prize team issues a big bold challenge aligned with a large market opportunity inspiring students from over 100 countries to solve it ’s greatest problem with an opportunity to be awarded $ 1million at the finals.

The 3-month Incubation program is expected to run from January 19- April 21.

The content during the program for the startup is expected to cover idea validation, using the lean startup methodology, understanding the startup ecosystem, lean service creation, pitching/public speaking, startup tools and understanding funding instruments and how to raise capital.

With our goal of working with 100 entrepreneurs in 2019, We are excited to be on course to support entrepreneurs in Imo state and the south-east region. Application for HIH launchpad is open all year round for entrepreneurs.

Based on our recent partnership with  Amazon, the startups will have access to AWS credits of up to 10,000 USD

The AWS Activate  benefits per startup include;

  • Up to $10,000 in AWS Promotional Credit valid for Up to 2 years.
  • Up to 1 year of AWS Business Support (up to $5,000).
  • 80 credits for Self-Paced Labs ($80 value)


Plasrubo is a recycling company using the latest innovations of synergy between high-level waste management and renewal with focus on Plastics, Rubber and Bottle waste

Silvernotch Studio creates African content stellar marked animated feature films readily available to the world cinema, by fusing together unique storytelling prowess using the untold stories of Africa and creating visually engaging motion graphics and animations.

FuturCycle is a company Promoting environmental sustainability and socio-economic development, by capturing value from recyclable waste and turning them into reusable quality products.

Pitch Farm is a company leveraging innovative technology and processes to produce and effectively distribute premium Quality Chicken Products for real Value.

Kio Heritage school is leading a revolutionary approach to affordable education by providing a low-cost school business model, giving every child a chance of quality education.

Green Bridgers is a social enterprise committed with the mission of combating food insecurity by harnessing the build-up of waste inherent in aquaculture and hydroponics.








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